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[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text] We specialise in web hosting and web design.
Order your web hosting package today

No traffic limits or excess fees ever. green-tick1
Includes popular apps like WordPress, Joolma and Drupal. green-tick1
Tailored made web scripts in PHP5/MySQL, JQuery/JavaScript, AJax/JSON. green-tick1
Programming social networks applications for Facebook, Twitter and more. green-tick1
Free help with setup of domain name(s) with every package. green-tick1
At least 5 databases are included with each package. green-tick1
Unlimited email accounts with every package. green-tick1
Free automatic backups daily, weekly or monthly. green-tick1
Free technical support over the telephone, available up to 12 hours a day. green-tick1
30 days money back guaranteed. green-tick1

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Order your web applications:
Free Plesk control panel interface to manage your website all from the comfort of your desktop.
Create an internet radio station:
With ShoutCast & Winamp only on desktop browser. For mobile or tablets we offer our bespoke ‘made to user requirements’ development services.
Control your own email account:
Free Plesk control panel and WebMail interface to manage it all from your desktop.
Web Design and Development:

Fix any problems on WordPress, Joolma or other CMS frameworks:
Debug/Fix any website problems, including clearing spam/viruses from web sites.

Web Design XHTML/CSS3, JQuery, Ajax/JSON and PHP5/MySQL5:
We produce applications created to user specifications and requirements.

WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or any other modern CMS Frameworks:
We install configure and repair any CMS systems to user specifications.

Industry standard Adobe and Gimp Graphics:
Graphic Web Design, Business Logos, Call to Action Banners, Custom Graphic Headers

We will code anything in JQuery, XHTML/CSS3, PHP5/MySQL5:
Bespoke web applications for modern day desktops, tablets and smartphones.

We will create custom apps for most social networks API’s including:
Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or CMS’s like WordPress, OsCommerce, Joolma or Drupal.

[divider top=”25″ bottom=”10″ type=”solid” color=”#e5e5e5″] Technical Support – For all web applications and CMS’s on any platform

We offer technical support for clients that need technical assistance on a long term basis.

We work with third party web hosters on behalf of our clients – tasks include migrating website filesystems and their databases, transferring newly purchased domain names to our servers or on to any web hosters of your choice. Even resetting WordPress administration passwords.

We have a specially dedicated team that investigate internet spam and viruses – We are able to fix most of these type of issues within 24 hours.

Technical support for mobile/tablet friendly web applications or CMS frameworks (including WordPress, OsCommerce, Joolma or Drupal).

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CVTF RADIO.NET For all your web hosting and web design at very affordable prices.
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